Monday, January 11, 2010

This time last year: #2

 Since Nate just turned one, I want to take some time this month to share some of the emails I sent this time last year.  I didn't start blogging until March, so these are writings that haven't been on the blog.  NOTE:  Just a reminder that Nate's original name was Braylon.  We decided to change it after a month or so.

1/7/09 An email I sent to friends the day we got confirmation of Nate's diagnosis.

Dear friends,
I write this with tears and great sorrow to report that our dear baby Braylon has been confirmed with Down syndrome.  I am overwhelmed with emotion.  Bob, Braylon and I are home now while Cody is with my mom for the day/night.  Our pastor is coming over in an hour to pray with us.

Our next step is to get an ultrasound of Bray's heart as 50% of Down syndrome babies have heart issues.  Our Dr doesn't think that is the case with him, but we need to check anyway.  I will also be calling the local support service that will come over and assess Braylon and set up a program for him.

I have never been faced with something so powerful - something that will be part of our lives forever - it's very overwhelming and I'm working on taking things one hour/one day at a time.  I know God has great things in store for us - that he will strengthen us to handle this challenge.  It's baffling to me now to think that just last week I was concerned about just being able to take care of two healthy boys - I can only do this with God's strength!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  


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  1. You've come such a long way since those painful days and weeks. So has Nate! What a darling boy you have and I know he will continue to bless you and those around you in countless ways. As for the "delays" you're noticing from comparing to other children, just remember that everyone (even typically-developing kids) is different! John Michael was on the tubby side at 8 months and couldn't sit up either, like the little girl you mentioned in another post. And while JM is walking now and his peers are still working on that, it seems that they have other strengths which my little guy is still working on. Try not to be discouraged and just focus on what Nate's doing rather than what he's not doing yet.