Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Get it Now!

It seems appropriate that on this first day of Fall, I take a moment to think back on this Summer.  For us, it was the Summer of TRANSFORMATION!

After Nate was born we received many phone calls, emails, notes and random-passerby-mentions to the effect that our son would "bring us so much joy" and "be such a blessing".  In those early months we wanted to tell them to keep their happy thoughts to themselves.  When Nate passed 6 months, then 12 months and was closely approaching 18 months, I started to wonder when this joy was going to come.  I wasn't feeling it.  I posted about it a while back and got several responses to be patient, it would come.


Both Bob and I have experienced a major transformation over the last couple of months.  And yes, I can say it, loud and clear, "NATE IS AN ABSOLUTE JOY AND BLESSING"!  There, I said it!

Nearly everywhere we go, Nate just spreads his joyful spirit around.  I often have people ask me if he's always "this happy" and I tell them, yes, pretty much, about 95% of the time.  There is a pure love and joy that seeps out of every last ounce of his 25 pound sack-o-potatoes body.  It's really hard to be down for long when I'm around him and I happily tell people to come spend time with us anytime they need a pick-me-up.  Really, I think it should be called "Up Syndrome".  Why did the darn guy who discovered the triple 21st chromosome have to be Mr. Down????

No, I'm not saying having a child with special needs is all roses.  But, honestly, if I had to choose a disability, I'd choose to have a child with Down Syndrome.  He will eventually be able to do everything.  And in the meantime, he is lighting up the world one wide-mouthed smile at a time.

God, thank you for answering our prayers with exactly what you thought we needed....Nate.