Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank You to My "Blogging Friends"

A few days ago I expressed my concern that the blogs that have been such an inspiration and support were now becoming a challenge for me.  That by reading other babies' accomplishments, I was questioning if I was doing enough for Nate.

Well, I have received quite a few responses on this and feel very encouraged.  Thank you to all of my blogging friends out there - it's amazing to me that I have not met most of you, but feel this deep sense of connection and support through your words.

I am blessed to know you and thank you - I look forward to many years on this journey together.



  1. Glad you were encouraged. I do the same thing, btw. I'm so good about not comparing Eon to typical kids, but compare him to other kids with Ds ALL THE TIME. Not good at all. :)

  2. Danielle - this is such a tricky subject. We want to share the sucess of our little ones, but at the same time know that another parent is hoping that their little one too will reach a new milestone. I know that with our Charlie he is truly on his own timeline. He doesn't do something until HE decides that he is ready. Sitting at one year. Finally crawling close to two years. And walking at 26 months. We keep pushing him in all of his therapies, and encourage each try, but in the end it is up to him. And without fail he reaches the next milestone and is ready to start reacing for the next.

    You are doing everything that Nate needs to succeed. Your love and support are the most important. And look at that sweet little guy, scooting around and sitting on his own!? Way to go little guy!