Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Family Recap

Hi Friends and Family!  Thanks for stopping by to read our family recap for the year.  We had a year of growth, change, fun, love, challenges and a lot of laughter.  We like to laugh around here!

Cody turned 5 in September.  He is full of life and very active.  He continues to attend Heart Centered Montessori a few days each week and has begun the afternoon math and reading program twice a week.  He also plays soccer and has become quite a slugger with the baseball.  He loves to build all sorts of things with legos and trios.  He takes his role as big brother seriously and is great at teaching Nate new things.  Cody talks to Mommy's belly quite a bit these days and tells his 2nd brother that he will "love him for life and can't wait to meet him".

Nate will be 3 on New Year's Day.  It is hard to believe it's been that long already.  Nate just began walking confidently in the last month and motors around ALL DAY LONG.  We are amazed with his resolve to master new tasks and always with a great attitude.  The biggest challenge continues to be feeding as he still hasn't learned to eat solid food.  Much of the problem is likely due to the congestion he deals with, so we are working hard to try to resolve that issue.  Last week he had new ear tubes put in and had his tonsils out.  He's been a trooper.  Nate's favorite things to do right now include cuddling, walking, wrestling with Daddy and Cody, putting anyone's shoes on his feet and playing the conga drums that sit in our hall.


Danielle is now 7 months pregnant and trying to soak it up (she's one of those crazy ones who actually loves being pregnant).  This has been the easiest pregnancy with no morning sickness or any other real challenges.  She continues to run her boot camp business, West Linn Fitness, and is hoping to teach her classes up until 38 weeks (just like the other 2) before taking a short break.  She is constantly trying to learn how to be a better mom and growing in patience daily.  Danielle is enjoying being a small group leader for the woman's study at church.  She celebrated her 39th birthday by writing a list of 40 things to accomplish before turning 40 and has enjoyed checking those off.  Aside from welcoming boy #3 in March, she is most looking forward to running Hood to Coast again this summer (look for team "Girls and Guys with Achin' Thighs").


Bob continues to thrive at work and home!  He has now been with KPD Insurance as a Broker for almost 5 years and has built a great book of business.  At home, he works hard to connect on a meaningful level with Cody, Nate and Danielle on a daily basis which makes our home a warm place full of laughter.  Bob coached the church softball team to victory and is looking forward to playing again this summer.  He is teaching the 5th graders at our church each Sunday and finds new ways to connect with them each time.  He's been suckered into running Hood to Coast this summer.  Bob's latest quest is to convince executives at Porsche to develop a high performance Minivan (to be purchased before boy #3 arrives in March).

We have grown and learned a lot this year.  We thank you all for being a part of our lives.

Merry Christmas and may your 2012 be deeply blessed!
The Paskins Family