Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Paskins Family Recap



Thanks for stopping by.  It's been a busy year, so we're sorry for not taking the time to write. 

Some highlights from the year:
Adding Cameron to our family on 3/19
Bob and Danielle running the Hood to Coast Relay together in August
Celebrating Danielle's 40th Birthday on a weekend away in San Francisco
Celebrating Bob's 20th High School Reunion on a weekend away in Minneapolis
Celebrating Bob's Mom's wedding in California in October

Cody turned 6 in September and is in all day Kindergarten this year.  He is thriving in school.  Last Spring he played on his first T-ball team, The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.  His favorite moment was when he "hit the ball over their heads and they all ducked".  Cody loves playing with his Transformers and building things with his Legos.  In October, he served as a Ringbearer in his "Grams" wedding.  Cody is a sensitive, energetic, active boy and is doing a great job as the oldest of our 3 boys.

Nate will be 4 on New Years Day.  Nate attends two to three therapy appointments each week.  He attends Early Intervention preschool two days a week as well.  This past October, we learned that Nate has Sensory processing issues as well.  This helps explain his difficulties with solid food.  Nate continues to be on an all smoothie diet.  However, his smoothies are packed with nutrition making Nate the healthiest eater in the family.  We are beginning to see some forward progress since beginning with a new therapist a few weeks ago and have a renewed sense of hope for Nate. 

This has been a very challenging year with Nate.  We hope to share more details here soon.

Cameron is 9 months old and a very sweet baby.  He adores his big brothers and is always full of smiles.   He closely resembles his Dad, but he has a dimple on his chin just like Mom.  We are very grateful to have an easy baby and are looking forward to him interacting more and more with his big brothers.

Bob continues to work for K P D Insurance and had another great year.  He is a very committed Dad and Husband.  Bob continues to work with the 5th graders at our Church every Sunday.  This year he attended his 20th High School reunion back in Minnesota, once again attended his "FOV Guys Weekend" over Labor Day, and ran Hood to Coast. 

Danielle has spent most of this year learning how to find a new routine with the addition of Cameron and increased needs for Nate.  You can now catch her driving a snazzy minivan (which she loves).  Her Boot Camp business continues to grow and she enjoys working with her clientele. She also enjoys running several times each week.  Plus Dani created and acheived many items on her "40 by 40" list. 

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.  We are blessed.

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