Monday, July 6, 2009

New Moves and Sounds

Nate turned 6 months last week and is doing some new tricks I'd love to share. He's been rolling from his back to stomach for quite a while now, but is now rolling from stomach to back too! He is also doing really well with tummy time, pushing up on his arms and holding his head up for extended periods. I've been working with him to grab his feet lately - I'll take his hands and help him grab onto his feet, then I hold them in place and rock him side to side. He absolutely loves this! Today, he has now discovered how to hold onto his own feet!!! Yeah!

Nate also started making the "b" sound over the weekend. Ba, ba, ba. This is his first consonant sound!

It's fun to see him progressing and helps affirm our work with him.

Nate's sedated hearing test is scheduled for this Wednesday, so we should finally have a prognosis and plan for his hearing. I'll be sure to update the blog as soon as we know more.



  1. It will be interesting to hear how things go with the hearing test. I'm curious if it will be similar to Joaquin's situation. Good luck!

  2. And....YAHOO!!! on the new progress! You are just about to enter a really fun and dynamic stage with Nate....lots of first are on the horizon!

  3. Awesome update!
    Also wanted to offer our babysitting services when you are here in town if you'd like a night out with new friends = )