Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grocery Store Comments

We're in California this week, but I wanted to be sure to post this before I forgot.

We had a very interesting experience yesterday. We stopped at Safeway to purchase baby food, formula (for all of you hard core breast feeders - yes, I tried very hard, but the supply just never came) and toothpaste. I was holding Cody's hand and Bob had Nate shlumped over his shoulder. Since we only had a few items, we went to the self checkout lane. Unfortunately, they were having some issues with the computers and we had to wait for the attendant to complete our transaction. A few minutes later, she came to us and apologized and told us the items were "on us". We were pretty pleased with this, but a moment later she said something that caught us offguard. She said, "Having a sick child is hard enough, you don't need to deal with this too.". If we'd purchased medicine, this may have made sense. So, as we walked out of the store we realized she must have noticed Nate on Bob's shoulder and thought his DS was "hard enough".

This was the first of many grocery store encounters we are sure to have. At least this one saved us 20 bucks!



  1. Hmmm, strange comment, especially since you didn't buy meds. Sounds like she was trying to be nice and sensitive to a family with a "sick" child, but she was way off on her interpretation of Down syndrome being a sickness. The things people say...

  2. Bizarre, but I'd be thrilled to save $20 for whatever reason! :) Btw, I'm a hardcore breastfeeder who just stopped pumping for my 6mos. old because you just gotta do what you gotta do! No flames here, just incredible gratitude that they make formula.

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Check out my blog post today :)!!! SOOOO great to meet you. I was so sad when I didn't see you again....