Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tunnel of Progress

I guess I'll start by saying, we're in a "happy tunnel of progress". I call it a tunnel because as long as I stay focused on Nate's progress as it relates to himself and am very careful to not compare him to others, we're good! We just need to keep that tunnel vision and recognize Nate is making progress compared only to where HE was yesterday.
I found a great new toy at Tuesday Morning yesterday. It's called Will C More and it's made by Discovery Health. It seems to be just the motivation Nate needs to really work on some good tummy and side-lying time. He's eager to lift his head to see the screen and this toy will transition with him through many stages. I love it!
Nate is doing well lifting his head for longer periods and is consistently rolling from his back to his stomach. This week he has begun to figure out how to get his hands our from under him after he's rolled to his stomach, so that's great. He has also just started bearing some weight on his arms. He's definitely getting stronger!
Here are a few pics...

I just have to keep taking things one day at a time - that's all we really know we have anyway, right!?


  1. you're doing great, Danielle! I have to remind myself to focus on Gabby and gabby only CONSTANTLY! It's hard not to compare.

    Love the new toy...he seems to love it as well. What a cutie :)