Thursday, June 25, 2009


We have a big day tomorrow. We are heading to the Down Syndrome Clinic at OHSU (part of the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center). We will meet with a team of Doctors (Neurologist, PT, OT, Psychologist) for a 4 hr appt. They will evaluate Nate, help us set expectations, set goals, give resources and suggestions. I'm anxious because we've been waiting for this appt for 2 months (he had to be 6 months to go). I have built it up in my mind to something it likely can't live up to (especially with the hefty price tag we'll be paying!).

So, I'll report back tomorrow or Saturday.

For those of you with children with DS, if you have any burning questions you want me to ask this team, please just post a comment by 10am Friday, 6/26 and I'll be sure to ask for you!


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