Monday, March 30, 2009

Hearing Test #4

As many of you know, we've had a hard time getting a read on what is really going on with Nathan's hearing. He didn't pass the test in the hospital, so 2 weeks later we went to an audiologist for a follow-up. In that test, the left ear passed and the right didn't. We went back again at 7 weeks and it appeared neither ear was passing and he may have permanent hearing loss in both ears and need a hearing aid. So, for the past 6 weeks, we've been expecting to have to deal with the hearing aid on top of the other challenges Nate will face.

BUT that's not the case.

Today, Bob took Nate to his 4th hearing appointment and both ears passed in the normal range! Praise God!!!

The reason this has been so tough is he has VERY small ear canals (which is common in children with DS). His hearing may actually be even better than they tested today. He's been congested for quite a while so some fluid and gunk is stuck in the middle ear. So, we'll go to an ENT doctor and get his ears cleaned out (this will likely be something we'll have to do often since his ear canals are so small - his right is actually about half the size of the left).

We will need to continue having his ears checked each year, so prayers for his hearing are appreciated. Clear hearing is so important in speech development, so we're hoping his hearing will stay as they are or even get better.


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  1. Great news! Fluid is usually the culprit with DS. It's another reason why we've been advised to avoid dairy and wheat to decrease fluid buildup and congestion.