Friday, May 15, 2009

The Silent Type

I never have been attracted to the silent type. Now I'm truly being tested as I live with one.

I was at Target with Nate last night getting stuff for Cody's potty training day today (he's napping now, so I'm getting a break from the festivities). Anyway, Nate was in his carseat perched up on top of the cart and we were having a fine time shopping. I was almost done and feeling good. Then, I walked past another woman who had her infant perched as Nate was. She was looking in at him and they were carrying on the sweetest conversation. It seemed like he was just exclaiming everything - such volume and joy in his little voice.

I walked out of Target a bit sad and the sadness is carrying through the day today. The sweet sounds I hear from Nate are few and far between. I'd say his cries and complaints far outnumber the sweet sounds. So then I start to wonder - does this mean anything. I've often heard that children with DS are quiet, but how quiet? Is Nate even quieter than his counterparts?

Communication continues to be my biggest concern for Nate's future. Will he be able to express himself clearly enough for others to understand? Does his lack of communication now have a direct correlation to the success of his communication later?

I think only time will tell. God, grant me patience...please.



  1. I'm sure with time that Nate will show you the beauty and grace of his own unique personality. Take lots of time to coo, smile and play with Nate and I'm sure he will respond back. Joaquin was practically asleep for most of his first 3 months of life, wouldn't even open his eyes. Now, at 15 months, the boys won't stop jabbering, smiling, laughing and basically steals everyone's heart. I imagine Nate will be the same way someday, in that shopping cart, capturing the hearts of all of those luck enough to meet him.
    Having an older brother is also a blessing for Nate. So keep on loving him and chatting with him and smiling at him....even if he is silent right now...because he is just soaking it all in and will return it in time!

  2. I've been thinking about you all and sending my love and positive energy your way. You are awesome parents to two awesome boys! Todd and I feel blessed to know you.

  3. Hi there, I just found your blog through Facebook! I have a 7 month old son (our first)with Ds and I had to reply to this post, because he is so quiet too! And we are not condsidered a very quiet family, to say the least... I totally feel the same way as you - like I wish he would just be more vocal. And I have the same fears, but I think any parent with a child that has a disability has those fears. And we just have to do our best for them, and accept these little sweeties exactly how they are. It's great to "meet" you and your adorable family and I wish you the very best!!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog through Monica's blog and am so looking forward to meeting you at the convention!! Brennan was SO quiet the first few months. I took him for a speech evaluation when he was 5-6 months old and he barely made a sound. She suggested imitating everything he did (cries, coughs, etc) - as a way to let him know how "communication" works. He got more and more vocal by the day. Now he "talks" a ton. Many consenants and vowels. He even puts one hand up in the air while he "talks" to emphasize his point. So - imitate, imitate, will come.