Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Behind closed doors

My boys, that is.  They're behind closed doors right now in the laundry room.  Cody and Nate don't want me in there.  Because they are brothers and isn't that what brothers do?  They sneak away and do their own thing and don't let mom in.  I opened the door and moments later, Cody slithered his body back over to the door to close it and remind me that it's "boy time".!

Cody and Nate have really begun developing a close bond lately.  Of course, Nate adores Cody and Cody loves the role of showing Nate his new tricks and trying to help him learn.  Because 2 mischievous boys are always way more fun than just one.

This is something I really wondered about for a while.  Would Cody miss out?  While their relationship may be different from other brothers, I am deeply convinced that the brotherly bond they have will continue to develop into something amazing.

We still haven't told Cody that Nate has Down syndrome.  We  haven't seen a need to yet and he hasn't seemed to notice that Nate is any different from anyone else.  Isn't that beautiful?  We know the time will come, but at this point, Cody just sees Nate as his little brother and loves him as such.

They are blessed to have each other!

 Always wanting to put big brother's shoes on!

 Chat's in "Daddy's Chair"

And, of course, wrestling matches!


  1. beautiful.
    Debby Bellingham

  2. We're thinking about you and praying this weekend. Much peace to you and Bob. Happy Birthday Cody! - Nate and Carm

  3. Love these pics of your beautiful family! I think of you often, admire your spirit and care, and hope that 2016 brings you much joy! Happy Valentine's Day to you and a special hug to Nate!

    Carol N, from way back when :-))