Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Development Update: Gross Motor

(Age: 28 months)
Hi friends!
Thanks to all of you who read my last entry and left such great comments.  I intend to continue this series, but wanted to first get everyone up to speed on Nate's development.  I'm going to break it up into different areas so today is Gross Motor.

Nate is strong and does not have some of the joint laxity issues that others may experience, but he has certainly taken his sweet time with movement.  However, given that he didn't sit independently until 15 months, I'd say he's moving along great.  We are on the cusp of walking independently and hope he will be within the next couple of months. I'm so grateful to be looking forward to a summer of him being up off the ground without me carrying him everywhere.

At this point we are doing Physical Therapy 2x/week.  One is in the home through Early Intervention and the other is private therapy at a local pediatric therapy clinic.  We're going hard right now to try to push him over this hump and increase his confidence.  Nate is doing a lot of great cruising along furniture and is excited to walk when we hold his hands.  He loves to climb and I'm sure as he is upright more he will be more motivated to scale all sorts of objects!  We were spoiled and never experienced the climbing challenge with Cody, so this will be a whole new adventure for us.

Next Update: Feeding

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  1. I am so happy he is doing so well. I miss seeing him (and of course you!) He is such a beautiful child. I am a little nervous to hear about the feeding - he seemed more interested in the walking then the eating. Take care! Karen