Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Champ!

Early on in our relationship, I began calling Bob "Champ".  I honestly can't remember how it started, but with each passing year, Champ grows more and more into his name.

And Father's Day is a great reminder of just what a Champ he is.  Bob is an amazing Father!  I always knew he'd be good, but he has far exceeded my expectations.  He pours all of himself into our boys.  No matter what kind of day he's had, he comes home from work and dives right in.  He is a "get-down-in-their-world" kind of dad.  He'll play chase for what seems to be hours.  I often try to play something with Cody and he'll quickly say, "No, Mama, that's Daddy's special game".  I love it.  I never feel an ounce of jealousy when I hear those comments from Cody or see Nate's face light up whenever Bob comes in the room.  I adore him and so do our boys.