Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nate's Hats!

Nate sports the Hanna Anderson Pilot Caps every day.  Not because I think they are all that cute...honestly I much prefer his little curls on the top of his head...but because he HAS TO WEAR THEM.  Our Audiologist recommended them to hold on his hearing aids (he has them in both ears) and prevent him from pulling them off.   Fortunately, they are made of lightweight organic cotton, so he doesn't mind wearing them.

If you see pictures of him without his hat, it's likely for one of these reasons:
*I just want to have a cute picture of him with his little curls sticking up

*He is grumpy and the only thing that will make him happy is to decrease the stimulation and take off his hearing aids
*All of his hats are in the laundry
*He has outgrown the ear molds and we're waiting for new ones
*I just need a day off from dealing with them...|1|1|156|47|10||&simg=22733_W14



  1. Oh gosh Danielle...he just gets cuter and cuter! Oh and the hats....darling! and good for you for being so consistent with the aids. You are doing such a good job Mama!!!

  2. My goodness, he's such a handsome boy. Love his little curls, but I have to admit the hats are cute, too, even if they are on for a reason.

  3. Awww, his hat is adorable. It looks so good on him! Nate is just too cute.

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  4. CUTE. I love Hanna Andersson!