Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ah-ha Moment

I recently had a pretty big "Ah-ha Moment".  

Since Nate was born on New Year's Day, we still had a wall in our family room covered with Christmas photo cards of many friends and family when we brought Nate home from the hospital.  This wall remained that way for several months as it served as an amazing reminder of the support system we had.  But the wall also served as a reminder to me that our family photo for Christmas cards would be much different than I ever thought.  I shed many tears thinking about our '09 photo and thought making our photo card this year would be very painful.

Well, I picked up our cards yesterday and realized that I hadn't even given it a thought.  Instead, I'd simply thought how much I loved the pictures we got of our sweet little guys.

Another realization that feels really, really good!



  1. your kids are beautiful! Nate's gonna be a year old soon - that's crazy! Lauren just turned 2 on Dec 8, and I'm still in shock that she's growing up so fast.