Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughts on "Glee"

With the Fall TV Season starting up, I've heard a lot of hype about the new show, "Glee". So, I watched a couple of episodes and am left questioning if I should watch it again. Yes, it's clever and entertaining, but I'm finding I have a new hot button that may just cause me to press the off button.

So far I have heard at least 3 negative comments about "special ed" kids. The Glee club is made up of those who are supposedly the outcasts of the school and they have several times made comments that the kids in special ed have more talent, more attention, etc than they do. This is obviously done in a derogatory manner.

If I just turn the show off, what good does that do? But am I being too sensitive or should I speak up? Yes, the show pokes fun at other "atypical" groups, but this is the one that really doesn't settle with me.

Any thoughts? Do I do something about this?



  1. Sorry I can't be of any help. I still don't know what to day, when to say something, when not to. I took my three boys bowling last week. There was only one lane being used at the time and the man at the desk wanted to put us at a lane far from where the other group was. I said we could go next to the other group or wherever was easiest. He said "well, we have the retarded kids here today." I was shocked silent. I honestly couldn't think of a thing to say. There I was holding Brennan and he said that???? Ugh. None of the kids in the group had Ds, but still. My husband was (and still is) outraged that the man working at the bowling alley said that. But, I still can't figure out what the best response would have been. So - back to your post - I'm still finding my way and generally unsure of what to do or say in situations where I feel something inappropriate is said or done.

  2. I'm annoyed by the show and I"ve only seen it once. I don't plan to watch it, but I'll be happy to write to the FCC if I hear that it's discriminating against a population. I'm shocked at Sharon's comment above. I find myself not knowing when to speak and when not to myself. I think as we grow in our roles as advocates, our voices will grow, too.

  3. Apparently, on yesterday's show there was a very nauseous pregnant woman and there was a reference to the fact that it was good that she was sick because she would be less likely to have a mongloid child....not all.