Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Naked" Time

So I read recently that it is good for babies to have as much skin exposed as possible. We've had some warm weather recently, so I thought I'd give Nate a chance to maximize his sensory input with some naked time. Unfortunately, he still has the grasp reflex going on and hasn't learned how to let go. You can see this in one of the pics where he is grimmacing as he pinches himself one more time!

I am doing a lot better with Nate's physical therapy - learning that it's stuff I can do while I'm doing other things and not feeling as overwhelmed. I try to move him through many positions throughout the day (back, tummy, side-lying, supported sitting) and am working hard to encourage him to interact with toys and to develop both sides evenly (he tends to like to look, kick and move to the left). I've been a lot more intentional with his therapy lately and can see the difference. In this picture you can see him reaching up and interacting with 2 different toys - big deal!
The little guy still isn't smiling much, but I can really see the smiles in his eyes and hear it in his coos. Fortunately, we get a lot of smiles and laughter out of Cody!


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  1. He is so cute and of course Cody. We have that same playmat and both kids loved it. Madeline's favorite thing was the star that plays music. Keep up the great work on the your blog. I really enjoy reading it.